Warhammer co-creator Brian Ansell dies at the age of 68

Brian Ansell, co-founder New fantasy love battle The leader of the games workshop in the late 1980s, he died at his home on the morning of December 30. He was 68 years old. On Instagram account He shared it with his wife, Diane.

Ansell, an experienced sculptor, partnered with Games Workshop in 1978 to create Citadel Miniatures, a brand under which the company still produces its British-made products to this day. Later, he became the managing director of Games Workshop itself. During his tenure, the company completely transformed from being an importer and distributor of board games such as Dungeons and Dragons to the manufacturer, and eventually exports its science fiction and fantasy products all over the world.

Aside from shepherding the company itself through its early growing pains, Ansell's biggest contribution to Games Workshop was bringing New fantasy love battle Table maneuvers to life. The game, which he co-created with Rick Priestley and Richard Halliwell, would become one of the company's landmark products alongside Warhammer 40,000.

Ironically, news of Ansel's death comes during a period of renewed interest in the ancient world, the original setting of his film. New fantasy love battle Game. The Old World had fallen into the post-apocalyptic 2015 fantasy world, languishing for the better part of a decade and leaving only Creative Assembly's excellent Total War: Warhammer series to continue. Then, late last year, Games Workshop finally revealed the launch lineup for its long-awaited reboot. Now titled Warhammer: The Old Worldthe plush miniature action figure — now molded in plastic instead of white metal — is expected to hit store shelves later this month.

Games Workshop has not issued a public statement about Ansel's death. Polygon has reached out for comment.

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