Videos show a crowd of people setting a self-driving car on fire in downtown San Francisco

A crowd surrounded a driverless Waymo car and set it on fire in San Francisco, California firefighters said.

Videos on X, formerly Twitter, taken by an onlooker, show the incident in Chinatown.

One shows people breaking windows with skateboards while the crowd cheers and screams. Later videos show people standing away from the burning car.

Watch the videos here. Warning, some videos contain explicit language that some may find offensive.

A video clip showed a person smashing the car's windows using a skateboard.

A video clip showed a person smashing the car's windows using a skateboard.

San Francisco firefighters told KNTV The incident happened Around 9:25pm on Saturday, February 10th. Waymo officials told the station that no one was inside the vehicle at the time.

In another post on X, San Francisco firefighters said a crowd of people surrounded the car, smashed windows and sprayed graffiti by Lighting fireworks inside, causing it to catch fire.

A large crowd celebrated the first day of the tournament Lunar New Year SFGate reported in Chinatown on Saturday.

But it's not clear what sparked the crowd Driverless cars NPR reported that these events were controversial in the city. In 2023, protesters blocked cars with traffic cones to immobilize them.

Waymo driverless car Hit a cyclist The accident occurred in San Francisco on Tuesday, February 6, resulting in minor injuries, KGO reported.

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