Video shows a large tornado in Canada causing injuries and damage

DIDSBURY, ALBERTA – A giant thunderstorm moved across central Canada on Saturday afternoon, creating at least one large tornado that caused injuries and damage along the way.

Environment and Climate Change CanadaThe country’s National Meteorological Agency issued emergency alerts for the storm, which they said was bringing tornadoes, damaging winds, heavy hail and torrential rain.

Pictures and videos taken near the tornado showed a large wedge formation that ripped up debris and dirt along its path.

“This is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation,” said meteorologists. “Tornado warnings are issued when impending thunderstorms or tornadoes are likely to occur.”

WATCH: Incredible up-close experience with LANDSPOT TORNADO in southern Alberta

Alan O’Brien had just finished a round of golf when he spotted the Hurricane in the distance.

An Alberta resident safely captured video of the brutal tornado and said it was a sight he’d never seen before.

FOX Weather has also tracked the Hive, which resembles a storm commonly seen in the American heartland.

The FOX Prediction Center said the radar depicts a well-formed hook echo that usually indicates a strong tornado.

the Royal Canadian Mounted Police They said they were aware of the emergency in Alberta and had reports of injuries and damage, but did not yet know how true that was.

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Tornadoes are not uncommon in Canada

According to the Canadian Government’s Department of Public SafetyThe country experiences more tornadoes than any other country except the United States

Most have been reported to occur during the summer in Ontario and southern prairies.

O’Brien said he’s lived in the area for decades, but only in the past few years has he noticed an uptick in weather activity.

“We’ve really started getting this kind of active weather in the last five years,” he said. “There was a tornado in Pine Lake, Alberta, when I was in high school, but the last five years have seen an increase in tornado activity.”

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