Video shows a gray whale asking for help from humans to catch parasites from its head

A gray whale calf is seen at a pier at Redondo Beach, California, in the afternoon.Brad Graverson/MediaNews Group/Torrance Daily Breeze via Getty Images

  • Gray whales in Mexico approach tourist boats to get help from humans. I mentioned the dodo.

  • Video shows a captain watching the whale pick parasites from the whale’s head as it turns.

  • The whale said again and again to the captain to pluck his head dodo.

Incredible video shows the moment a gray whale asked a whale-watching captain in Mexico for help to catch parasites from its head.

The footage, posted to Facebook in March, was captured by a passenger on a whale-watching boat operating in Ojo de Libre lagoon on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula.

It shows a gray whale approaching the small tourist boat as the captain, known as Paco Jimenez Franco, begins picking whale lice off his head.

Pisces stays for a while, circling Franco long enough to clean her up just as onlookers laugh.

You can watch the footage here:

Franco, who has been working as a whale watching captain for 20 years, said the dodo It took a while for the whales to get comfortable around him before he could start picking lice off them.

Speaking of his first one-on-one encounter with a whale, Franco said, “Once I removed the first whale, I got close again so I could keep it going.”

“I’ve done it over and over again with the same whale and others. It’s very exciting for me,” Franco added.

Whale lice are ectoparasites commonly found in skin lesions, gills, and eyes of whales. They can be beneficial to whales because they eat algae on their bodies and feed on scaly skin.

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Mark Carwardine, a British zoologist with expertise in the area, told the Guardian that gray whales have a “love-hate relationship with whale lice”.

“They have very sensitive skin, and the thousands of these tiny creatures grabbing or moving so tightly, with their claws so sharp and crunchy, should drive them a nut,” Carwardine said. “It can really hurt when a whale louse grabs your finger – it feels like little pricks.”

Gray whales can reach 50 feet in length. He earned the nickname “Devil Fish” Because of its ability to resist when it was captured by whalers in the 20th century.

They are frequently seen in Baja California as their migration route runs along the coast of North America.

Franco’s interview comes amid reports of Orcas rammed boats off the Spanish and Portuguese coasts.

In one incident in the Strait of Gibraltar last month, a pod of orcas tossed a yacht around “like a rag doll” and ripped off both rudders, Insider’s Joshua Zeitser mentioned earlier.

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