[Video] See all the Galaxy AI features in action on the Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung unveiled its first Galaxy AI smartphones – Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra – a few days ago. But what is Galaxy AI? It is a Samsung brand for its suite of AI and generative AI features that help users with creative, lifestyle, and productivity tasks.

What is Galaxy AI? Watch it in the in-depth video below

In the new video, we showcase all the AI ​​features that are part of the Galaxy AI suite. These features include real-time language translation during messaging and voice calls, interpreter mode for language translation during face-to-face scenarios, and writing style suggestions (via Samsung Keyboard). These features are powered by Google or Samsung's LLM models and powered by Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For Galaxy processors, depending on the model. Some of these features require an Internet connection, but most can be run entirely on the device (offline).

Research circle

The search circle using Google is another great feature. It's an improved version of Google Lens, which lets you circle any part of the screen to search for information about the content you've circled. If you find any book, product or teacher you want to learn more about, circle it. The “Search Circle with Google” pop-up window will find relevant information online. It also works by pressing and holding the Home button or the designated area on the screen to call up the search circle with Google.

AI-powered photo and video editing

Galaxy AI also has various photo and video editing features. If you have an image that is not level (horizontally or vertically) with respect to the object, scene, or subject, you can correct its angle without losing other parts of the image. The empty parts of that angle-corrected image are filled with AI-powered content. The photo editor attempts to fill the empty parts of the image with AI-generated content that fits best. You can also erase objects or subjects in the image. Another feature allows you to select an object/subject in the image and change its position, angle or size.

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It can also convert regular videos into slow motion videos. While playing the video, you need to hold down the screen for the duration of the video you want to convert into slow motion, and the AI ​​will create frames and insert them between the real frames to create a slow motion effect.

Samsung keyboard

Samsung's keyboard now features artificial intelligence. It can correct your language and grammar, suggest multiple text styles, and translate language in real-time. It can also summarize text messages and suggest responses for you. It is also possible to summarize text messages (and it even works in Android Auto mode).

Samsung Notes gets text summarization and other features

Samsung has also developed a feature that allows you to summarize notes in Samsung Notes or web page/article content on Samsung Internet. In Samsung Notes, your handwritten notes can be converted to text and then summarized into stylish-looking templates (bullet points or meeting styles) with attractive-looking text formatting styles. You can use Galaxy AI to use automatic formatting, language correction, summarization, and translation features separately.

Summarize web pages in Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet can summarize entire articles or web pages and present all that information in a condensed, easy-to-digest format. Language translation on web pages also works better with artificial intelligence.

Voice-to-text transcription, language translation and summarization in audio recorder

The built-in audio recorder also uses artificial intelligence to convert audio to text. Not only that, but he can also use this text and translate it into a different language. It can also detect up to ten people in an audio recording and tag their voices/sentences. You can then use this text to summarize the contents of the audio recording into easy-to-understand blocks of text.

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Wallpaper generator

The Wallpaper Generator app is present in One UI 6.1, and lets you select specific wallpaper templates and create new wallpapers based on your input and suggestions. You can name the background, color and theme of your wallpaper, and Galaxy AI will create a wallpaper based on your taste. It can also create weather effects for your lock screen wallpaper.

Some of these features could arrive on existing Galaxy smartphones with the One UI 6.1 update, but Samsung has not revealed which features will be compatible with its current smartphones and tablets.

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