Video: Nintendo Switch Sports gets a brand new promo, on April 29th

It’s the end of March, and that means we’re getting close to releasing Nintendo Switch Sports – sequel to We Sports.

To add to the excitement about this upcoming release, Nintendo has uploaded a new overview trailer that runs just over five minutes long. In it, you will see a demo of all six sports.

Nintendo also mentions how the Leg Strap accessory will be available with the physical copy of the game, and explains how Leg Strap support for ‘soccer’ will be added. A future update will add golf as well.

Some of the other notable features include a look at some of the cosmetic rewards in the game that can be unlocked, and the Pro mode, where you can raise the ranks.

Enjoy six sports with family and friends locally and online at Nintendo Switch Sports! Play football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and chambara using easy motion controls with the Joy-Con controller. Take on sports rivals near and far to earn in-game rewards, or target The Prestigious Professional League! The seventh sport, golf, will be added this fall.”

Will you get a look at this game when it launches on Switch on April 29th? Comment below.

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