Valve responds to #SaveTF2, says it’s working on improvements

Valve has responded to Team Fortress 2’s growing community movement in protecting the game’s massive bottom problem, assuring players that it is “improving things.”

In a tweet today from the official Team Fortress 2 account, Valve said, “TF2 community, we’re hearing you! We love this game and know you do too. We’re seeing how wide this issue is and are working to make things better.” It’s the first Tweet from the account since July 2020 (not counting a single retweet for an official Valve Tweet from October 2020).

This comes in response to the hashtag #SaveTF2, which has been embraced by the Team Fortress 2 community in the past few days to draw attention to the massive mobilization problem that has been going on in the game since 2020. The hashtag has been adopted by a large number of Team Fortress 2 streamers and is Drdescribed as a “peaceful” protest About the state of the game. The bot invasion has caused Team Fortress 2’s unofficial servers to be overrun with spam, flawless snipers, and bots that can disrupt entire games or stage coordinated kicks for human players. Previously, community leaders organized an email campaign to reach out to Valve and the media to highlight the issue.

While the individuals using the hashtag #SaveTF2 may have had different motives, the group was largely hoping for some level of recognition from Valve, ideally coupled with a fix. Others hope that the renewed interest in Team Fortress 2 will lead to the game getting regular updates again since the large community is clearly still interested. Although over a decade has passed, Team Fortress 2 remains incredibly popular and has consistently averaged between 70,000 and 90,000 concurrent players each month over the past year.

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At the moment it’s not clear what improvements Valve has up their sleeve, but hopefully they can get Team Fortress 2 into a more stable state.

Rebecca Valentine is a news reporter for IGN. You can find it on Twitter Tweet embed.

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