Used AirPods case frustrates new owners, thousands of sales halted

“Defect” halted sales of tens of thousands of refurbished cars Apple Airpodsaccording to one of the reports.

Consumers are warned, in some cases, that their AirPod belongs to the previous owner, Business Insider said: Wednesday.

“Affected units have the display name ‘AirPod Mismatch’ instead of ‘New owner name AirPods’ in Apple’s Find My app,” the report said.

Hackers copied apples, dead in extra user data handover: report

The report added that a message pops up stating that your refurbished AirPods are associated with a different Apple ID.

A message like this might appear when, for example, you accidentally put one of your friends’ AirPods in your case. But when a “feature” like this gets upgraded to thousands of refurbished AirPods, it can become a problem.

One potential issue is a data breach of users’ iCloud information.


Business Insider said goTRG, which handles returns for major retailers like Walmart, has had to stock more than 30,000 affected AirPods.


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David Malka, goTRG’s chief sales officer, told Business Insider that most people forget to unlink AirPods from their iCloud account and that there’s no way a standalone refurbisher can remove AirPods from someone else’s iCloud account.

The pop-up message can be avoided if the original owner remembers to unlink their AirPods from iCloud.

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Malka said that about eight out of every ten AirPods that come with goTRG have the problem.


“It’s like I’m telling you, ‘Hey, if you sell your car, you have to make sure that that wire is unplugged, if someone can’t track you,'” Malka told Business Insider.

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

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