US intelligence shows Chinese military had missiles filled with water instead of fuel, in corruption scandal that led to Xi's military purge: Bloomberg

  • US intelligence says China's military purge stemmed from serious equipment problems, according to Bloomberg.

  • Examples of this include rockets filled with water instead of fuel, according to Bloomberg.

  • Problems are a blow to Xi JinpingChina is focusing on the missile force, China's main nuclear arm.

The Chinese military sent missiles filled with water instead of fuel and arrays of silos with improper lids — examples of military corruption that led to a dramatic purge of top officials. Bloomberg reportedQuoted from US intelligence.

Bloomberg, which did not cite its sources, reported on Saturday that the information pointed to the Chinese leader Xi Jinping recently ousted more than a dozen top leaders In the People's Liberation Army it stems from serious graft issues such as these.

The purge has even gone so far as to eradicate Chinese Defense Minister Li ChangfuWho disappeared for two months before being replaced in October.

Corruption has been so severe in China's missile force and the broader People's Liberation Army that it will likely force Xi to reassess whether Beijing can take any major military action soon, Bloomberg reported, citing US intelligence sources.

The missile force is China's main military branch that oversees its nuclear weapons, and has been the main focus of Xi's recent push to rapidly modernize Beijing's forces.

This has been particularly pivotal to China's position on Taiwan Beijing launches long-range missiles On its coasts to threaten the autonomous island.

In 2021, researchers said satellite images showed this China has been building hundreds of nuclear-capable missile silos In the Xinjiang desert, allowing its arsenal to rival that of Russia or the United States.

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However, US intelligence said one example of corruption was that entire silo fields in western China were fitted with covers that effectively prevented missile launches, Bloomberg reported.

The outlet did not mention the type of missiles that were filled with water.

The US assessment said these problems would likely undermine Xi's modernization policies and internal confidence in the missile force's capabilities, according to the outlet.

There has long been speculation that Xi's purge is linked to his long-standing anti-corruption campaign. For months, China has been dodging questions about why it sacked so many senior military officials.

Of the recently removed Chinese commanders, at least three held senior positions in the missile force, and four were in charge of equipment. Reuters reported.

The PLA has since stressed remaining vigilant against corruption, repeatedly referring to the “battle against corruption.” New Year's Day statement.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside normal business hours.

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