(Update) Humboldt-bound plane makes emergency landing in Fresno after windshield breaks midway | The lost outpost of the coast

Update, 5:27 p.m.: friend LoCO Heidi Walters sent a text message to say that she and her husband, Ken, were traveling on the stopped flight in question. The good news: They’re about to board a different plane to continue their journey home.

“Luckily they had spare parts for us,” Walters joked.

Walters said staff remained calm when they informed passengers of the situation on her previous flight. The air pressure in the main cabin remained constant, and therefore no visors fell from the ceiling.

“It was strange when the plane started descending and then made such a sharp turn,” she said. “Then they reported a cracked windshield. Everything is very quiet and undramatic. Good flight crew!”

The most exciting aspect of the trip, Walters added, is the unexpected low-altitude view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. And yes, I took a picture. look at the mountains Close less.

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original post: An American Eagle flight flying from Phoenix Sky Harbor International to California’s Redwood Coast-Humboldt County Airport (ACV) was forced to make an emergency landing in Fresno around 4 p.m.

ABC30, citing Fresno Fire, reports that American Airlines Flight 3130 ran into some problems while flying over Mono Lake when the windshield broke, causing a loss of cabin pressure. Could you Seeing the sudden change in the direction of the plane In the flight map below from FlightAware.

According to ABC30, no one on board was hurt.

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FlightAware contains files new page Refers to the expected flight of Flight 3130 from Fresno to Humboldt. We will update this post if we learn more.

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