UM students and protesters storm the administration building in Ann Arbor carrying a message for the school president

Ann Arbor, Michigan – Students in University of Michigan They stormed the administration building in Ann Arbor carrying a message for the school president.

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators made their way into the administration building on Friday (17 November) to reach the president’s office with a message about the impact they feel of the war in Israel.

But when Ann Arbor police blocked the road, protesters stormed and entered the building.

University of Minnesota students broke into the Alexander G. Ruthven Building in what police say were the locked doors of university administration offices.

In a violent flurry, officials say pro-Palestinian demonstrators pushed, shoved, grabbed and forced their way past security and police in a violent escalation to gain entry.

People were still working in the building around 3:40 p.m., a time when police say everyone should be on the lookout for active shooters. Some employees see a large number of people making their way into the building and many set off panic alarms.

The Jewish Voice for Peace (UMich) organization posted on social media a photo of demonstrators taking over the rotunda with the aim of reaching the university rector’s office.

Once the protesters tried to take over the building, crowding the rotunda and occupying the offices, their goal was to get into the university president’s office, and that’s exactly what they did.

U of M Police called for mutual aid because they were concerned people would get hurt, prompting police to respond to the building from across the area.

Pro-Palestinian protester Ed Trager, a Michigan hospital employee, says the conflict has affected his family members in that area.

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It was necessary for him to protest any relations between the United States and Israel, and he witnessed the first violent wave of demonstrators.

“I remember asking and saying to one of the police officers, ‘If you let the students in, it’s a peaceful protest,’ but they didn’t want any more people in the building, and the students were trying to force their way into the building.” Building.”

Protesters were still inside the building, chanting and waving banners reading “From the river to the sea,” before police were notified of anyone who refused to leave.

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