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DAYTON — Several successful carjacking attempts around campus overnight prompted the University of Dayton to issue a “safety alert” Saturday.

On Saturday morning, the UD Department of Public Safety was first notified of a car theft or attempted robbery from the yard by Marriott.

During further investigation, several other incidents on and around campus including the S2 Lot, Lowes Street and Evanston Avenue were reported to Public Safety, according to the advisory.

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The advisory stated that four cars were stolen in total and three attempts were made to steal cars. Three have been recovered.

All participating cars were either Kias or Hyundais.

“Kia and Hyundai motorists are encouraged to purchase and install a steering wheel lock to deter individuals from engaging in the ongoing TikTok challenge of thefts of these particular vehicles. All individuals with vehicles on campus are encouraged to periodically check their vehicles,” according to the advisory.

Anyone with information about the thefts or knowledge of similar incidents is asked to contact UD Public Safety at 937-229-2121.

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News Center 7 spoke with a DVD student, who said her car was one of the robberies.

“When I got in the car, it was obvious all the compartments were open, so it was a bit of a stretch for me but I didn’t think about it,” said Cara McGlone.

I noticed something was wrong when she was backing out of the parking spot.

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“I saw the airpods case that I had kept in my car empty on my roommates car on top of her car, and that’s when everything clicked and you know, oh my gosh, my car was broken into.”

University of Dayton officials issued a statement to News Center 7 Saturday afternoon about the overnight carjacking.

“Four vehicle thefts and three attempted public safety vehicle thefts were reported over the course of several hours this morning from various locations on and off campus. All vehicles involved were either Kia or Hyundai models. Theft of Kias and Hyundais is a national issue that law enforcement departments continue to pursue. Three of the four vehicles that were seized have been recovered.Public Safety is currently investigating these offenses and dispatched a safety advisor earlier today to notify our campus community.

Because of these incidents, Public Safety plans to increase patrols of parking lots on and around campus, while also partnering with the Dayton Police Department, which has been working to combat the same trend for stolen Kia and Hyundai models.

“Public Safety urges those who own these vehicles to check with manufacturers for the latest theft-prevention improvements, including installing a steering wheel lock to deter thieves and to check their vehicles regularly.”

We will provide updates on this developing story.

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