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As he says it will be the final fight of his 14-year career, Tyson Fury will defend his WBC and Lineal heavyweight titles against interim champion Tillian White in London on Saturday.

Some believe the 33-year-old Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) will be in good shape regardless of any outcome. However, the event was enough to attract the attention of the entire sports world (ESPN + PPV, 2 pm ET) as two Hulking heavyweights squared off in their home country ahead of the England record crowd of 94,000 at Wembley Stadium.

This is the first time since 2019 that Fury has fought anyone other than former champion Dionde Wilder. This is the first time Fury has fought back in the UK since beating Francesco Piano in 2018 in Northern Ireland.

“Tillian White is a good fighter,” Fury told a news conference on Wednesday. “He’s a good, strong, solid man, he’s big, strong [and] He is tough. He is sporty, he has good power. He has brought down a lot of men. He also had a good learning career. He has a lot of experience in the fighting game. He is definitely a man who needs a lot of respect.

“That’s why I gave everything to this training camp we conducted. I got everything I could to train for this. I did not give up any stones. I trained hard for Dillion. [Wladimir] Klitschko. ”

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Fury was hoping to battle it out with co-champion Alexander Uzi in the undisputed title race of four belts in 2022, but both White (28-2, 19 KOs) and former champion Anthony Joshua were expected to compete against Usyk again this summer, both rejected. Set aside money to clear the way.

Instead, the 34-year-old White is expected to bring a decisive challenge to the 6-foot-9 Fury with his 6-foot-4 frame, durability and punching power. White, who was born in Jamaica before emigrating to England, has been 12-1 since losing to Joshua in 2015 at the knockout stage and avenged a defeat – a devastating 2020 knockout at the hands of Alexander Bowetkin – by finishing him in five months. Then.

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On the way up the ladder in the title fight against Derek Sisora ​​(twice), Robert Helinius, Lucas Brown, Oscar Rivas, White has been Fury’s sparring partner in the past, earning champion honors through a series of tough victories. Marius Watch and former champion Joseph Parker.

“[Whyte] A good fighting man. The fans are at a real party, “Fury said.” I know Tillion. I know him personally and he knows me too. We are going to rock and roll on the night of the fight. We’re ready to throw it all down and treat it like hell. ”

White has a reputation for his often abusive ways in the past, including going out of press conferences against his wallet. He pulled a similar stunt on February 28 by not showing up at the Kickoff press conference because he regretted not getting a percentage of PPV sales as part of his deal.

The purse for this Super Fight is huge, as Fury is expected to make $ 29.5 million against the top $ 7.4 million for White. The winner of the fight will earn an additional $ 4.1 million.

“There is no strategy [in skipping the press conference,]”Whyte said.” There are two sides to his story. You only hear one side of the story because one page says a lot of things. Because I did not say anything, everyone was talking about ‘you are scared’ and ‘hiding’. I am not afraid of shit. I did not cover the stool. Things to do.

“[The fight] Refers to everything. This is huge. This is the moment I was expecting. That was a big fight. Like Tyson said, we did not expect to be here. But I’m here, but I’m taken risks again and again. I had two slips along the way, but I’m here and I’m ready to go. You will not ask any nonsense from me. I’m ready to go. ”

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White told reporters he needs to adapt to defeat the slick Fury, which has the advantage of being five inches high and reaching seven inches.

“I’m going to make smart decisions, I need to know what to do, how to do it, how to approach what I do,” White said. “That’s why. There’s no strategy here. That’s all. I have to go there and do my thing.”

Below the main event is a UK heavy card with many names that fans in the US have not yet seen. Ekow Essuman confronts Darren Deadley with the “Commonwealth, British and IBF European” welterweight titles. Isaac Lowe is set to face Nick Ball for the vacant “WBC Silver” featherweight title. David Adele and Chris Healy meet in a heavyweight match. Tommy, the half-brother of Tyson Fury, the big name in the undercard, returns in the light heavyweight match against Daniel Pozianski.

Below is the full fight card for Saturday in England with the odds of Caesars Sportsbook. In addition, you can watch the fight and choose the main event before coming to a prediction.

Fight card, odds

  • Tyson Fury (c) -575 vs. Tillion White +425, WBC Heavyweight title
  • Ekov Ezuman-1400 vs. Darren Deadley +800, Welderweights
  • Isaac Lowe-135 vs. Nick Paul +115, featherweights
  • David Adele-6000 vs. Chris Healy +1700, heavyweights
  • Tommy Fury-3000 vs. Daniel Posianski +1300, Light Heavyweights

Viewing information

  • Date: April 23 | Start time: 2pm ET (main event 5pm ET)
  • Location: Wembley Stadium – London
  • Stream: ESPN + PPV | Price: $ 69.99


White has an adorned history against elite competition that goes in and turns things into fights, whether he fails in the attempt or eventually gives himself the boost. In terms of Fury’s pre-fight comments, this seems inevitable, which is why his predictions continue to be knocked out.

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In many ways, Fury’s third fight against Wilder last fall was the perfect prelude to the challenge he would bring to the white table. Although he entered following an 18-month layoff due to infection, Wild was forced to leave the canvas twice in the 4th round, with Fury digging against a large puncture on the way to ending violently in the 11th round. .

Fury’s performance was part of his multi – year transition following his first fight against Wilder in 2018. Crank Gym coach in Detroit Emmanuel Stewart. Fury also took the advice of his father, John, as he gained more than 20 pounds between the first and third Wilder boats.

Unlike Wilder, the main difference from Fury to Fury is that White is far less crude in terms of the technique he uses to set his power shots. Because of that, Fury has to mix both styles exactly as boxer and puncher. If there had been any sign of his general fitness this week, in which he had worked out entirely from Southpaw, “The Gypsy King” might have guessed White with some wrinkles up his sleeve.

Eventually, White continues to push fast enough to push him or you to the stop. While that kind of challenge endangers Fury, it’s not something he overcame, and the gap between them, in terms of hand speed and technique, should be enough for Fury to create a buffer for his power shots to come out clean.

Choice: Anger via TKO10

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