Twitter has deleted Kanye West’s tweet for violating Twitter rules – The Hollywood Reporter

Twitter Delete one of Kanye “Ye” West’s tweets for violating her rules, same day confirmed dead to me The Hollywood Reporter His Instagram account has been restricted for violating platform policies.

In a Saturday night tweet, West wrote that he’s going to “Death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.”

He wrote, “I’m feeling a bit sleepy tonight but when I wake up I’m going to Death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” “The funny thing is that I actually can’t be an anti-Semite because black people are actually Jews too, you played with me and tried to get rid of anyone who went against your agenda.”

After an hour of waking up and tens of thousands of posts, the rapper’s tweet no longer appears. In its place is a notice from Twitter that states, “This tweet violated the Twitter Rules.”

West returned to Twitter on Friday after a long hiatus, calling dead almost immediately Mark Zuckerberg, saying, “How did you go kick me on Instagram.” And soon he was welcomed back on Twitter by Elon Musk, who confirmed his plans to buy Twitter. Musk responded to West’s tweet about Zuckerberg: “Welcome back to Twitter, my friend.”

The rapper’s Instagram account has been restricted after he posted an alleged exchange between him and Diddy, in which users criticized West for using language that seemed anti-Semitic. The post has since been deleted.

West’s first Twitter post since 2020 came on October 7, where he posted a photo in a repository of a black cap that read “2024”.

He also posted questions like, “Who do you think created the culture of cancellation?” As well as tweets in support of Iranian youth. He wrote: “Iranian youth is leading a revolution against 44 years of dictatorship. The world needs their support and honor their courage.”

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