Twitter contributors win in Elon Musk’s pursuit of justice

Elon Musk, The world’s richest man, is willing to spend $43 billion on Twitter in an effort to ensure what he has described as the world’s “virtual town hall” becomes a fair functioning platform.

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“I can technically handle itAndMusk, who has a net worth of $264 billion, said during his TED talk with Chris Anderson Thursday hours after he made an offer to make Twitter private.

Musk offers plan B if Twitter rejects $43 billion offer

Elon Musk speaks at SESSION 11 at TED2022: A New Era. April 10-14, 2022, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Photo: Ryan Lash/TED)

“But what I am saying is, this is not some way to make money The strong, intuitive feeling is that having a public platform that is both highly trusted and broadly inclusive is critical to the future of civilization. “I don’t care about the economy at all,” he explained hours after giving his blockbuster presentation to the social media giant.


In Musk’s pursuit of justice, he continues to bring windfall gains to shareholders and management.

The social media giant’s market capitalization hit $40 billion when it disclosed its 9.2% stake in the company this month, according to Dow Jones Market Data Group, up from $29.9 billion on Jan. 31 when it began loading shares unknowingly. to the investing public.

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Twitter posts since early 2022

file with extension Securities and Exchange Commission, released April 4, details his purchases that ran through April 1, up to a maximum of $39.34. The stock is up more than 16% this year, compared to a 6% decline in the Nasdaq Composite Index.

Host Chris Anderson and Elon Musk speak at SESSION 11 at TED2022: A New Era. April 10-14, 2022, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (Gilberto Tadae/Ted)

Musk, who describes himself as a “free speech tyranny,” stressed that sweeping Twitter reform is the key to democracy.

“It’s important to the function of the United States as a free country and to many other countries, and in fact to helping with freedom in the world on a larger scale than the United States,” he said.

He stated, “It’s very upsetting when someone you don’t like says something you don’t like. This is a sign of a healthy working condition for freedom of expression.”

Musk also said he has another plan if Twitter’s board of directors rejects his offer without being specific. As of Thursday evening, Twitter indicated that its board of directors is reviewing the offer.

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