Twitch will now allow streamers to simulcast on any service they want

Twitch will now allow its creators to simultaneously stream across any live streaming service, the company announced on Friday as part of A huge selection of news from TwitchCon. Previously, streamers could live stream on mobile platforms like TikTok and Instagram, but as of Friday, Twitch has dramatically expanded to where streamers can stream simultaneously. (Well, assuming streamers don’t have an exclusivity agreement with Twitch.)

Recently, some Twitch streamers have been exploring options on other platforms. Big names like xQc, AmoranthAnd Nickmerx Signed major deals with Twitch competitor Kick this year; xQc’s and Nickmercs’ deals are non-exclusive, and since Amoranth had a video on her Twitch account a few months ago, it appears her deals are non-exclusive as well. Ninja has dropped his exclusive contract with Twitch In September 2022 So it can stream simultaneously on multiple platforms. (Dinner with Twitch CEO Dan Clancy Advance this month And He seems happy with Friday’s news.)

There are some guidelines for Twitch’s new simulcast policy, According to the support document. Streamers will need to ensure that the quality of their stream on Twitch is “at least as good as the experience available on other platforms or services.” Streamers “should not” share links to their Twitch community with their simulcasts on other platforms. (Streamers can still share links to third-party websites on their About pages on their channels, but they can’t link to other simulcasters while they’re also live on Twitch.) Streamers can’t use third-party services External chat to do things like cross-platform chat integration.

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At some point in the future, Twitch says it will add a tool so streamers can indicate they’re simulcasting.

Twitch revealed some changes to the product as well. Guest Star, which lets streamers host shared streams with others, will now be called Stream Together and will get features like the ability to merge chats. Twitch says a TikTok-style version of Discovery Feed that showcases live channels is in testing. Twitch’s notification system for notifications such as subscribers and bit donations will “soon” support streamer-specific animated emotes.

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