Tweaking the BMW 7 Series 2023 makes it look more like a Rolls-Royce

This is a show by Sugar Chow and is not affiliated with or endorsed by BMW.

At this point, most people realize that BMW owns a Rolls-Royce. But now that the German automaker has made its debut The latest 7 Series sedan, begs the question whether they could raise the market level enough to compete at the same level as Rolls if they wanted to. Digital artist Sugar Chow tried to imagine they’d injected some of the British luxury brand’s DNA into their latest 7er edition.

The general trend of redesign seems to be squaring it more to go along with it Rolls-RoyceIt is almost an architectural design language. This is very evident at the front, where the hood and bumper are now joined with the same kind of 90-degree character line found on all three current Rolls-Royce models.

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Zhao also bowed BMWThe appearance of the large grille makes it close to the height of the bumper, but surprisingly, it is quite tolerable. On the flip side, the controversial quad headlights have been softened by incorporating them into a single unit at the top. The crease attached to the headlight now runs from top to bottom on the bumper, and is paired with the aforementioned 90-segment letter line that runs across the side of the car. The bumper and grille also feature a new horizontal crease to accommodate the newly created empty space by joining the headlights.

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On the outside, the changes were slight but impressive. The crease on the bottom of the bumper changed directions to indicate the rear of the car, and was extended upwards to join the character line across the bottom of the trunk. The reflectors have also been moved to the lower part of the bumper and the license plate area has been slightly modified. In addition, the taillights were also separated and lengthened, and the lighting design changed to something more similar to the red lights on the 5 series. The final touch involved moving i7 Badge from the upper left corner of the rear end to the dead center on the trunk for added impact.

We’d argue that Sugar Chow’s design might be even better than BMW’s due to how solid and rugged it is, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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