Tua Tagovailoa on concussion: When I came in, I wondered what happened

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Dolphin quarterback Toa Tagoviloa He is expected to return to the starting line-up against the Steelers on Sunday night and had his usual quarterback encounter with the media on Wednesday.

It was the first time Tagoviloa had spoken to reporters since he suffered a concussion in Miami’s week four game against the Bengals. Tagovailoa’s hands went into fencing mode after being injured and his lack of movement led to a frightening sight for those watching the match.

Tagovailoa told reporters he was not afraid, as he does not remember anything that happened on the field after he was tackled and hit his head on the grass.

“I I wouldn’t say it was scary “When I came and realized what was happening, I didn’t think about anything long-term or short-term, I was just wondering what had happened,” Tagoviloa said via WPLG.

The decision to purge Tagovailoa to return to the third week game after faltering after an injury led to the NFLPA calling for an investigation into the handling of the quarterback. Tagovailoa spoke with investigators while also dealing with doctor visits and taking other steps needed to move forward with the league’s concussion protocol.

Tagoviloa described the past two weeks as “extremely stressful”, but added that he was “happy to have been through these things to understand more concussion deals” and that he feels ready to be back on the field this week.

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