Trump cannot stop Pence from testifying until Jan. 6, grand jury, court rules

Mr. who will break the 2020 election. Former President Donald J. A federal appeals court rejected Trump’s emergency bid Wednesday night.

The 11th-hour ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit earlier this week put Mr. Pence paved the way for his appearance.

Mr. Pence has always been an important witness. At that time, Mr. Mr. Trump has repeatedly used his ceremonial role overseeing congressional counts of Electoral College votes to block or delay his certification of defeat. Pressed Benz.

Advocates Mr. Regarding Trump’s demands, Mr. They have been trying for months to get Pence to speak — first through interview requests from the Justice Department and then through a grand jury subpoena issued by special counsel Jack Smith. Mr. Efforts to keep Trump in power.

In a pair of sealed rulings last month, Chief Judge James E. Bosberg ordered Mr Pence to appear before a grand jury. Questions.

In one of those challenges, Mr. Trump’s defeat was certified by Congress in January. At 6 Mr. Pence himself tried. By the executive branch – including the judiciary. That argument is based on the Constitution’s “speech or debate” clause, which is intended to protect the separation of powers.

Judge Boasberg ruled that Mr. While Pence may claim certain protections against testimony under the Act, Mr. He will have to answer questions about possible illegal activities by Trump. This month, Mr. Pence announced.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Trump’s lawyers took the opposite route, Mr. They asked the appeals court to reverse Judge Bosberg’s ruling in their own efforts to narrow the scope of the questions Pence had to answer. Mr. Trump’s legal team based its arguments on the concept of executive privilege, which protects certain communications between the president and certain members of his administration.

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The appeals court’s sealed ruling Wednesday night came in response to an emergency request — which was sealed — to keep Mr. Trump from answering questions before a grand jury as a broader appeal is considered. Benz should be stopped temporarily.

Mr. After Pence finished testifying, Mr. It would mark a significant turning point in the months-long behind-the-scenes battle waged by Trump and several witnesses close to him.

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