True Detective: Night Country Review: Is it worth watching?

After its highly acclaimed first season was followed up by two duds, True Detective She returns to her roots with a fourth standout outing that is both chilling and interesting.

This iteration of the crime anthology series sees Jodie Foster take on the role of Detective Chief Inspector Liz Danvers in an investigation that begins with a cut out tongue and gets satisfyingly darker as the story develops.

The disappearance of a group of men from a research station is intertwined with the murder of Annie, an Alaska Native climate activist.


State trooper Evangeline “Angie” Navarro (Callie Reese) is also drawn into this tangled web thanks to her relationship with Annie, a case she has been unable to shake in the years that follow.

Finding strong heroines in both Foster and Reese, writer-director Issa Lopez Night country She is the polar opposite of her peers with her male-centric novels that were an exploration of masculinity (with varying degrees of success).

while Country night Filtered through a female perspective, this dark cop tale doesn't shock viewers with that fact.

Liz Foster has an authoritative, no-nonsense attitude grounded in her experiences as a mother, her past trauma, and her current relationships—all of which add up to this complex woman.

On the flip side, her dynamic dual counterpart, Angie, is a refreshing break from the TV cop stereotype.

Callie Reese, Jodie Foster, The True Night Detective


On top of being a Native American woman, her facial piercings and neck-length tattoos all point to an individual far removed from the type of person who typically fills this role. However, what you get from Rhys is a toughness that yields to fragility and strength but also to sensuality.

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It's the kind of music that would have been unheard of 10 years ago – and how much we would have missed if that had been the case.

Exploring Alaska Native culture also allows for the development of complex stories related to race. In turn, it continues the very strange events, made even more terrifying by the appropriate cinematography.

True Detective: Night Country It is located in Ennis, Alaska during the polar night season (the period each winter when there is no light).

Callie Reese and Jodie Foster in True Detective Night Country

the above

Lopez uses this natural phenomenon to cloak an unsettling and ever-evolving mystery in dense gloom.

Country night The use of dark colors against the artificial light and overall overcast skies creates a sense of foreboding that lends itself to a rich viewing experience. Along with mystery, there are relationships that have so many layers that they become their own mystery simply because they are so complex.

No spoilers here but President Liz Danvers' family dynamic is a wizard's playground with countless hurts and loves flowing down the family tree.

Foster and Reese are also a satisfying match. Liz's mockery of Angie's agonized hope is full of nuance and resolve. These ladies carry the show and they do it wonderfully.

5 stars

True Detective: Night Country Debut on 15y January on Sky Atlantic and the streaming service Now

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