Tropical Depression 21 is developing in the southwestern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Central America

Tropical Depression 21 developed in the southwestern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Central America as the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season came to a close at the end of November.

It has been a very active hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean, with 21 systems developing and seven strengthening into hurricanes.

Where is Tropical Depression 21 located?

Tropical Depression XXI Its center is located about 35 miles southeast of Bluefields, Nicaragua, and is moving to the west-northwest at 5 mph. The system has maximum sustained winds of 30 mph with some higher winds.

There are currently no advisories or advisories in effect for Tropical Depression 21, but forecasters warn that coastal Nicaragua should monitor the system’s progress.

What are the forecasts for Tropical Depression Twenty-first?

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says the tropical depression is the 21st move to the West It is expected that It moved inland over Nicaragua by early Tuesday, bringing heavy rains across parts of Central America.

No strengthening is expected before Tropical Depression 21 makes landfall at 30 mph. It is expected to dissipate on Tuesday.

between 4 An average of 8 inches of rain is expected across Nicaragua, with a maximum of 12 inches. Up to 6 inches is possible across southern and eastern Honduras.

These rainfall totals will likely trigger flash floods and mudslides.

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The Atlantic Ocean will experience an active hurricane season in 2023

The season started early with the formation of a subtropical storm in January in the western Atlantic. This was a potential indicator that water temperature trends would be favorable for more tropical cyclone activity later in the season.

What made matters more complicated for forecasters was the appearance of the El Niño phenomenon during the usual peak of activity.

Will the intensification of El Niño cause the hurricane season to end early?

As a rule, forecasters have long said that when an El Niño is in the Pacific, it generally means reduced activity in the Atlantic, but that was not the case this year.

The El Niño of 2023 will not bring lower water temperatures in the Atlantic, hostile winds across the basin, or a host of other problems that tropical cyclones must contend with.

Water temperatures in the Florida Everglades reach hot tub levels

In fact, water temperatures off the coast of Florida broke records this summer when the Manatee Bay Water Quality Station in Everglades National Park measured a temperature of 101.1 degrees in July.

This temperature may have set a world record, but global sea surface temperature is difficult to verify because of how temperatures are monitored around the world.

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