Triple H addresses the King of the Ring controversy between Orton and Guenther

Based on early indications, a match between Gunther and Randy Orton is in the works for WWE King and Queen of the Ring It was the battle of the night. Although their match was great, it wasn’t without controversy, and according to one of the most powerful men in WWE, fans will likely see a rematch.

During WWE Exclusive digitalPaul “Triple H” Levesque, WWE’s chief content officer, commented on the King of the Ring final between Orton and Gunther, where The Ring General scored a pinfall victory despite Orton’s shoulder being clearly off the canvas. Levesque, who was ringside for the match, said that from his position, it was difficult to see what the world saw until after he handed the crown to Gunter.

“Coming back here and seeing it again, look, I saw exactly what I saw,” Levesque said. “I saw what everyone saw. I saw what everyone was talking about. It didn’t seem controversial to me, it just looked like Randy Orton’s shoulder wasn’t down. But, I will say this. The referee’s decision is final.”

Levesque’s reaction to the controversy is controversial, as Orton’s shoulder not being down is grounds for stopping the count. However, the result still stands, and Guenther is the new King of WWE. As such, he is expected to move on to a guaranteed world title match at SummerSlambut he may have to go through The Viper before that.

Levesque expressed his desire to see a repeat between Orton and Guenther, believing that both competitors would want another opportunity to prove themselves. He acknowledged Orton’s current injuries and the time needed to recover, but expressed his excitement for the final sequel.

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“After I saw Randy come back here, he was pretty hurt, his knee and his back,” Levesque said. “It will be a moment or two before he’s ready to get back in the ring with Gunther. But when he is, let’s go.”

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