Trey Lance says his confidence is “higher” now than it was when he entered the NFL

No one can say with any confidence what Trey Lance is or is not. He was drafted third overall for a reason. The 49ers weren’t the only team that saw Lance as a franchise quarterback.

He has played just eight games, including four starts, since San Francisco traded up to draft him in 2021.

Dak Prescott threw 590 passes last season. Lance has thrown 420 pitches since high school, including none last season in his first game in Dallas.

“[My confidence] He is Much higher than it used to be “When I got into the NFL, for sure,” Lance said via the team’s website. “I kind of didn’t know what to expect. I think that’s what most, if not all, rookies are like at one point or another throughout that first year. I feel comfortable with where I’m at. Continuing to get better, continuing to learn, continuing to be a better quarterback.” .

Lance will enter this season competing with Cooper Rush for the backup job behind Prescott. He is scheduled for free agency after this season.

“My mentality hasn’t changed,” Lance said. “I haven’t attacked this season any differently. Controlling what I can control, continuing to learn the offense and building confidence with these guys and the coaching staff as well.

“I’m excited. Obviously I haven’t played a game since the start of last season. I’m just excited and looking forward to it and making sure I’m ready when that time comes.”

The Cowboys traded for Lance at the end of the preseason, and he served as their third-string quarterback throughout the season. The majority of his coaching time came during pre-game practice sessions with quarterbacks coach Scott Tolzien.

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But Lance said he feels better prepared now than at any other time in his career despite the lack of playing time.

“I think the biggest thing is I learned a lot about myself and who I am on and off the field,” Lance said. “This season, I was at my best mentally, physically and spiritually, knowing who I am, where I am and being able to be present.”

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