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And here the Wiebes celebrates her stage victory.

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Thus, Wiebes will lead the women’s Tour de France in the second stage on Monday, 136km from Meaux, just outside Paris, southeast towards the town of Provence. It looks like he’ll end up in a race, with only one cat. It climbs early, but there’s bad traction in the last kilometer that can smash the peloton at least a little.

Wiebes takes to the podium for winners and holds the first yellow jersey for the Women’s Tour de France

Wiebes speaks to the TV cameras: “The team did a great job and my thanks to them and everyone at headquarters, it was a really chaotic fast race, I was expecting Marianne to take a long run. I was comfortable before the start and we started like a normal race, but it was a really nervous final” . As for holding the pole position in the race, “I’m really happy with this and I think the whole team deserves it. We’re ready for the next goals. It was pretty close but luckily I could speed up and keep that up to the finish line.”


Here’s a picture of Wiebes racing the Champs Elysees.

Tour de France - Stage 1

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Wiebes finished about a wheel length ahead of Vos, with Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx) in third. But while Wiebes will claim victory today, celebrating the first stage of the Tour de France Femmes today means that Sunday’s biggest winner is certainly cycling sport in general.

Wiebes came around the last corner in a fair fashion, and while Vos went a long way, Wiebes had time to get ahead of the 2014 La Course winner. Thus, Wiebes ranks 52nd in her career and 16th of the year.

Lorena Wiebes (DSM) won the first stage of the Women’s Tour de France. He is also the first race leader.

The enemy starts and Foss leads one side of the road and Whips on the other.

Trek Segafredo Ellen Vian Dijk leads the group to the last kilometer.

2 km away

And the sprint is pretty much inevitable.

Jumbo-Visma and Movistar are moving forward now that Verhulst is captured.

3 kilometers to go

The interval was reduced to only 10 seconds

Jumbo-Visma and Trek Segafredo, along with DSM gather at the front of the group.

4 kilometers to go

Verhulst is still 13secs ahead but the group closes quickly…

Another accident. Amanda Spratt (BikeExchange-Jayco) is down as is Laura Subemich (Plantur-Pura), but both riders can get back on their bikes.

6.6 kilometers to travel

Final stage. Trek Segafredo, Jumbo-Visma leads the chase after Gladys Verhulst (Le Cole Wahoo). 33 seconds between the two.

9 kilometers to go

Castrick’s abandonment was confirmed, while Verholst stretched to 43 seconds.

Unconfirmed reports said that Alana Kastrik (Cofidis) had to abandon the crash after the plane crashed about 12 kilometers away.

11 kilometers to go

33 seconds for Verholst in the lead.

Crash at the back of the group. Alana Castroque (Cofidis) is one of those affected, as is Cristina Majerus (SD Worx).

14 kilometers to go

Verhulst pulls a 30-second lead as the DSM takes control of the group behind him.

After another break trying to be clear as Gladys Verhulst (Le Col-Wahoo) leads by about 20 seconds.

19 kilometers to go

Marcus claims points to rank mountains.

Marta Lach (Ceratizit-WNT), Femke Markus (Parkhotel Valkenburg), and Anne Dorth Ysland (Uno-X ProCycling) move away just before the mountain classification.

More attacks as we approach the “top” of the mountain rating, located on the ninth lap.

Lotte Kopecky (SD Worx) takes the second and last middle sprint.

27 kilometers to go

The two are wrapped.

This is another symbolic picture from today’s stage.

Women's Tour de France s1

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32 kilometers to go

The second middle sprint approaches quickly and the Allin Gap decreases with equal speed.

36 kilometers to go

And after a series of failed counterattacks, Allen’s gap was reduced to just 12 seconds.

38 kilometers to go

The gap between Pauline Allin (Arkea-Samsic) and the group hovers around the 22-second mark.

43 kilometers to go

Another clear solo break for Arkia Samsik as Pauline Allen of France earned 20 seconds on the set.

Only 47 kilometers left

Marian Voss (Jumbo Visma) is fast ahead of Lorena Webbs (DSM)

The gap has completely evaporated. Put it all together and Jumbo-Visma leads the series.

Only 49 kilometers left

Jumbo-Visma and SD Worx moved to the front of the set and narrowed the gap, which was held by Emily Newsom (EF-Education-Tibco-SVB) and Micha Bredewold (Parkhotel Valkenburg) for just 12 seconds.

According to the official website, the temperature increases there, reaching 31 degrees.

52 kilometers to go

Emily Newsom (EF-Education-Tibco-SVB) and Micha Bredewold (Parkhotel Valkenburg) have a 40-second advantage on the peloton

One of the first pictures of the opening stage

Women's Tour de France s1

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58 km from launch

The gap has now opened to 20 seconds.

Another move finally opens a small gap, with Emily Newsom (EF-Education-Tibco-SVB) and Micha Bredewold (Parkhotel Valkenburg) 10 seconds ahead.

60 kilometers to go

However, more moves ebb and flow but nothing manages to last so far

62 kilometers to go

65 kilometers to go

Once the seven-passenger movement is nearly over, there’s another breakout, this time a single move by Laura Asencio (Ceratizit-WNT ProCycling)

The motion of the seven runners, including Anais Morichon (Arkea-Samsic), was terminated by the DSM which made Lorena Wiebes one of the candidates for a potential sprint.

There is also a classification of mountains presented in the ninth cycle.

It should be noted that during this stage, there are two middle sprints in the fifth and eighth laps of the Champs Elysees.

75 kilometers to go

Five kilometers of the race and no big moves yet.

and so it begins. The riders start the first stage of the Tour de France with a distance of 81.7 kilometres.

Let’s not forget also that Voss was the first winner of the La Course in 2014, which was held on a very similar course in the center of Paris.

My colleague Kirsten Frattini wrote this wonderful interview with Marianne Voss about the Tour de France. It is highly recommended.

Marian Voss: The Tour de France is bigger than sport

The riders begin the neutral part of the first stage of the Tour de France women’s, and after months of reinforcement, the race is finally underway.

After multiple expressions of delight and emotion at their chance to take part in the first edition of such a cycling major event, the riders are headed toward a neutral start. Two minutes to go.

The weather is dry and warm, and the temperatures there according to the official website of the race are 28.8 degrees Celsius. There is a little breeze, but it is not very strong, only 11 kilometers per hour.

The first stage of the Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift is 81.6 km long, running on the famous circuit of the Champs-Elysées. The neutral start starts at 13:30 and then there is the 5.3km neutral section, before the race starts at 13:40.

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Bonjour and welcome to Cyclingnews’ live coverage of the first stage of the 2022 Women’s Tour de France.

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