Top shots of Williams and Udunze practicing for the first time as Bears

Williams felt comfortable entering rookie minicamp because the Bears gave him a head start on learning their offense in their visit to the top 30 teams in early April.

“I feel good now,” Williams said. “The top 30 was huge. [They] “He gave me a bunch of notes, ideas on how to attack, volley, drop, tempo, all the things that really matter — getting out of the huddle, getting into the huddle, being able to communicate and how those things go.”

The Bears also helped Williams prepare by teaming up with his quarterbacks coach, Will Hewlett.

“Hewlett has been great with this whole process,” Eberflus said. “I’ve been able to have great conversations with him. He gets it. He’s coached a lot of players. He’s elite at what he does. He’s been a pleasure to work with. He’s been working on our stuff a little bit — rhythm and those kinds of things and movement we want. That was a process.” Good for us.”

While Williams admitted on Friday that he is still learning everyone’s names at Halas Hall, he hopes to gain a solid enough understanding of the rules of play that he can help his young teammates grasp the offense.

The Bears have carefully planned Williams’ development, with Eberflus relying on offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, quarterbacks coach Kerry Joseph, and passing game coordinator Thomas Brown. Waldron and Joseph helped veteran quarterback Geno Smith revamp his career with the Seahawks, while Brown worked with quarterback Bryce Young, the No. 1 pick in last year’s draft, with the Panthers.

Eberflus also consulted with fellow coaches with whom he had been friendly throughout the league, and his most notable takeaways were the importance of creating a strong foundation.

“I think Shane and the offensive staff have done a great job in that regard so far, laying that foundation and making sure it’s likable, learnable and doable. We’re excited to get that process started,” Eberflus said. “.

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