Ticketmaster apologizes for Bad Bunny concert ticket fiasco after Taylor Swift’s pre-sale debacle

bad bunny Fans were left out in the cold after buying legit tickets to one of his final concerts on the “Top World Tour” in Mexico City on Friday night.

The Puerto Rican musician, whose full name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, has won two Grammy Awards, four Latin Grammy Awards, and has sold five million records worldwide.

Hundreds of fans attempted to enter the Estadio Azteca with valid tickets, but were reportedly refused due to their tickets being mistakenly deemed to be fake, duplicates or cancelled.

The ticket agency snafu is the latest Live Nation follow-up Taylor Swift pre-sale debacle As fans waited for hours online to get a seat at one of her upcoming “The Eras Tour” shows, only to miss a concert and then be told general sales were completely canceled due to overwhelming demand.


Bad Bunny fans missed his concert after a massive amount of fake tickets flooded Ticketmaster’s systems. The online ticket retailer recently had a major issue with pre-sales for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

Ticketmaster Mexico was overwhelmed by an influx of fake tickets circulating through its system for shows in Mexico City which resulted in the cancellation of real coupons.


The company, in a statement published in Spanish, offered an apology to the attendees and said that anyone who had a ticket and “wasn’t able to get to the concert will refund the full cost of the ticket”.

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One Twitter user said that Ticketmaster was “the biggest scam in history and the most corrupt company in the country” as they expressed their frustration in Spanish under the apology.

Bad Bunny wears a black T-shirt and jacket

Bad Bunny has grossed over $10 million per stop on its latest tour. (Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)

Another user asked how the retailer could not be relied upon for legitimate tickets, and wondered how reimbursement “removes the bad experience for those who cloned it and stole their tickets”.

The “Deals” singer has sold more than 944,000 tickets and grossed more than $232 million from 21 concerts in 15 cities — earning more than $10 million per show, according to Billboard.

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His sold-out show at SoFi Stadium in Los AngelesCalifornia is the highest-grossing American concert of all time, behind the 2014 George Street Farewell Concert in Arlington, Texas.

Last month 14 million Taylor Swift Fans showed their blind optimism when they queued to buy tickets they couldn’t afford after Ticketmaster sold over 2 million tickets during the pre-sale period and canceled the general sale.

Taylor Swift standing at the MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift struggled with Ticketmaster after fans couldn’t purchase tickets for her “Eras Tour”. (Brian Beder/Getty Images)

“It goes without saying that I am very protective of my fans,” Swift wrote on social media a day after the disaster. “There are many reasons why people are having difficulty trying to get tickets and I’m trying to figure out how this situation can be improved going forward. I’m not going to make excuses for anyone because we’ve asked them, many times, if they can handle this kind of demand and we’ve made sure they can. It’s really amazing that 2.4 million people got tickets, but what really pisses me off is a lot of them feeling like they had multiple bear attacks to get them.”

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A few Swifties sued Ticketmaster and Live Nation last week after a pre-sale debacle unfolded.

The suit alleges that Ticketmaster engaged in antitrust violations, deceptive practices, and price-fixing fraud while failing to sell tickets. Ticketmaster is also accused of encouraging scalpers because the company earns fee income when tickets are resold on its platform.

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