These are the top entry-level remote gigs for the class of 2024

Gone are the days when you had to log years or decades with a company before you would agree to flexible remote work. Now, this hard-earned feature is expected to come right out of the gate.

in A recent survey from FlexJobs40% of Gen Z respondents said that remote work options were important to them, with 73% considering some type of hybrid structure to be their ideal setup.

Adding fuel to the remote work fires, 80% of over 7,000 survey respondents overall across Generations Z, Millennials and Generation X admitted they are more productive in a remote work environment.
FlexJobs, a career resource site and database specializing in remote and hybrid job listings, recently revealed… Top 10 entry-level remote jobs for college graduates

In a recent survey, 40% of Gen Z respondents said remote work options were important to them. rh2010 –

Some of the highest-paying entry-level jobs, based on the average salary from Payscale, include software engineer ($93,346), data analyst ($67,302) and regional account executive ($63,617).

Other job opportunities exist in customer service, as a business development representative, accountant, clerk, administrative assistant, bilingual Spanish translator, and sales representative.

Tony Vrana, director of career experts for FlexJobs based in Niceville, Florida, hopes 2024 graduates can secure the job of their dreams despite recent circumstances. 2% decrease in employment expectations for their class. “Although the job market remains competitive, there is a wide range of entry-level and hybrid career opportunities across many industries for recent graduates,” Vrana said.

“We’ve seen a decline in the number of fully remote jobs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” says Cassie Spencer, a career coach in New Hampshire known as Career coach Cassiewho also serves as an associate coach with Trained by Eliana Goldstein From Brooklyn. “Exploring different companies, communicating effectively, and using a variety of job boards can lead to great success when searching for a remote or hybrid career,” she said.

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While some fields like customer service, accounting, finance, and information technology generally offer the most hybrid and remote opportunities, other fields on this list may be more surprising. “However, seeing an increase in remote and hybrid roles in business development and account management suggests that companies hiring for these roles recognize the desire of young professionals to have flexibility in the way they work,” Vrana said.

Nearly 80% of more than 7,000 survey respondents across Generations Z, Millennials, and Generation X admitted that they are more productive in a remote work environment. Rowan J/ –

Spencer encourages job seekers to pay attention to the technical skills associated with the jobs and industries on this list. “Computer, IT, data and other technology roles and industries are growing, but that also means that the skills required to get these jobs are also growing and changing,” she said.

If your heart is set on not moving into an office full-time, remember that you can still find plenty of excellent job opportunities outside of the above fields and specific job titles.

Additionally, Spencer emphasized that job titles are incredibly diverse in today’s job market, and what one company calls a “customer service” role another company might call a “customer relationship manager” or something completely different.

“Researching industry trends can help job seekers identify the most popular job titles that best match their skills and interests,” Spencer said.

Overall, Spencer believes FlexJobs’ findings regarding the fastest-growing and most popular remote and hybrid occupations reflect similar growth we’ve seen in these fields over the past few years.

Working with large numbers of recent and recent graduates, Job Coach also encourages job seekers to use these lists as reference points and explore other industries, fields and roles that match their interests, skills, experience and education.

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Would you like to have a remote concert? Here’s how:

“We’ve seen a decline in the number of remote jobs, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” Cassie Spencer said. Getty Images

Do your own research

“If remote or hybrid work is a top priority, it’s important to identify companies, not just industries or functions, that have a strong remote or hybrid culture,” Spencer said. “Learning about companies that are remote-first or have created hybrid or remote cultures is a great way to expand your job search beyond job boards.”

Step into the light

In today’s market, it’s especially important for recent graduates to be visible to hiring professionals. “This means practicing communication skills and building relationships with people who do the kind of work they want to do — and with people who work at the companies they want to work for,” Vrana said.

Reaching out to professionals and requesting an informational conversation can give new graduates guidance and advice from people doing the work they are seeking. “This can help shape their job search activities, enabling them to be as strategic as possible, so they can secure a job straight after graduation,” she said.

Spencer believes networking will always be a key component of any job search, but especially for anyone looking for a long-distance opportunity. “Talking with current employees can be a great way to learn more about the remote or hybrid culture the company offers and to help move forward in the job search and interview process,” Vrana said.

While some fields like customer service, accounting, finance, and information technology generally offer the most hybrid and remote opportunities, other fields on this list may be more surprising. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center/SWNS

Customize your resume or cover letter

Young professionals should make sure to tailor their resume and cover letter to each job opening.

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“As a new graduate, it may be a good idea to highlight special projects or coursework you have completed that may be relevant to the job role,” Vrana said. “This helps highlight the skill set that matches the role even without traditional work experience.”

Get granules

One of the biggest mistakes Spencer sees in interviewing is that candidates talk about their experiences too broadly.

“It is important to provide specific examples and tell stories that showcase the skills and experiences you have,” she said. “I often work with new and recent graduates who misrepresent the work they have done. Own the experience you have.”

be patient

Whatever you do, don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get a new job offer out of your cap and gown. Vrana emphasizes that getting a job as a new graduate takes time.

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