The 'Yellowstone' star says he was kicked off a plane because he refused to sit with a masked passenger

“Yellowstone” star Forry J. Smith

They kicked me off the plane…

I didn't want to sit next to the masked passenger

Furey J. Smith He claims he was kicked off the plane because he was drunk… but he says the real reason was because the passenger sitting next to him was wearing a mask.

The “Yellowstone” star shared a video on Instagram saying he had just been escorted off the plane after telling someone — it's unknown exactly who, but presumably flight attendants or others in positions of authority on the plane — that he didn't want to be on the plane. Sit next to someone wearing a mask.

Smith – who should be reminded of the airport he was in – says they kicked him off the plane claiming he was drunk, but he maintains he only had a few drinks and was not drunk at all.

Fourie then calls out an unknown, unnamed group of people for not standing and calls out all the surrounding “bulls***” to wear a mask…and reiterates that the mask on the other passenger's face made him uncomfortable.

Furey – who is best known for playing Lloyd Pierce in 45 episodes of the hit show “Yellowstone” – captioned the video, “You need to hear this story”… which is raising a lot of eyebrows online.

There were a lot of people in the comments asking Smith why he would care if someone else on the plane was wearing a mask… while adding many personal anecdotes about why they would wear a mask while traveling.

Yellowstone actor Forry J. Smith apologizes to fans for not attending the SAG Awards, explaining that he refuses to comply with coronavirus vaccinations, masks, etc.

– Camus (@newstart_2024) February 17, 2022

BTW…this is all par for the course when it comes to Furey's beliefs. He previously said he would not attend the 2022 SAG Awards because he has not been vaccinated.

In this video, Smith says he's completely anti-vax – even going so far as to say he doesn't vaccinate his dogs and horses…which is undoubtedly an extreme position.

Anyhoo… Looks like Fury's going to need a new ride to take him to his destination. Best saddle!

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