The wife of the head of Ukrainian military intelligence was reportedly poisoned

The wife of the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, who once vowed to “continue killing Russians anywhere on this world until Ukraine’s complete victory”, has reportedly been poisoned.

Mariana Budanova, Kirilo Budanov’s wife, is suffering from heavy metal poisoning, Reuters reported, citing Ukrainian media.

The alleged incident occurred weeks after the Russian government announced it would pursue terrorism charges against Budanov and three other military officials in connection with drone strikes on Russian territory and areas of Ukraine currently controlled by Russian invading forces.

It is unclear who was behind the reported poisoning or when it occurred.

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Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov and his wife, Marianna, attended a memorial service on January 21 for the Ukrainian Interior Minister, his deputy, and officials who died in a helicopter crash near Kiev, Ukraine. (Reuters/Vyacheslav Ratynsky)

Ukrainian media outlet Babel quoted an unnamed source as saying that Budanova had been hospitalized and was finishing treatment for the poisoning, according to Reuters.

Meanwhile, Ukrainska Pravda quoted a source as saying that the poison was likely put in her food, and that other members of the Ukrainian military intelligence agency were also poisoned, Reuters adds.

The news agency says Budanov – who played a key role in covert operations against Russian forces during the war – previously said he would “continue killing Russians anywhere on the face of this world until Ukraine’s complete victory.”

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In early October, Russia named the head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence Budanov, the commander of the Ukrainian Air Force Mykola Oleshchuk, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Oleksiy Nezbaba, and the commander of the 383rd Drone Aviation Brigade Serhiy Bordenyuk as military officials accused of terrorism.

Ukrainian military forces used drones to launch strikes inside Russian territory, expanding the scope of the conflict beyond the front line.

Russia has also used drone technology in the conflict, striking military targets and infrastructure assets such as grain facilities.

Kirilo Budanov on Snake Island

Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov visits the Black Sea Snake Island, which was retaken by the Ukrainian armed forces last year, on July 8. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Reuters)


The areas subjected to intense drone attacks by Ukrainian forces include the Crimean region, Moscow, Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk.

Fox News Channel’s Timothy H. J. Nirozzi contributed to this report.

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