The ventilation holes in the Nike Aerogami Jacket open automatically when you sweat

Maintaining a comfortable body temperature is always a challenge for runners who want to stay warm at the start of an early morning run, but not overheat as their body temperature rises, requiring them to stop stripping layers. the new The Nike Origami Jacket is designed for this intended conundrum Both warm and cold Sport by automatically opening the air vents for added ventilation when he starts to sweat then Close in the absence of moisture.

Not only is it always a challenge for athletes, but it’s also a challenge for companies that make performance equipment. It’s as easy to make a garment that keeps athletes warm, as it is to make a garment that’s breathable so sweat, which is the body’s natural cooling system, can evaporate and escape. But making clothes that check those two boxes is an even bigger challenge, one that scientists from the Nike Explore team and the company’s Sports Research Lab think they’re one step closer to solving.

It’s no coincidence that the new Nike Run Division origami jacket has an origami-sounding name, The Japanese art of paper folding. A “moisture-wicking membrane” is applied to sections of fabric on the front and back of the jacket that automatically shrink on contact contestants sweats. When those parts of the fabric shrink, they fold to form “little winged holes” that allow this Air flows through the jacket as the wearer runs, venting hot moist air from evaporating sweat from their bodies, and cooling them down.

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When the jacket is then dry, the fabric expands and seals the vents to ensure the runner does not get too cold, and the entire process is repeated over and over to help regulate the athlete’s temperature, without requiring them to stop repeatedly to take off and put on a jacket over and over again.

Nike Run Division Origami Jacket pictured in black and brown/green.

The Nike Run Division Aerogami Jacket will be available in two gender-specific versions with vents placed differently for each piece, and while the women’s jacket will be available via the Nike website and “select retailers” next month, the men’s jacket will not be available. until fall. As for pricing? Nike hasn’t revealed it yet, which should answer any questions about whether or not this will be too expensive. Appendix. (It is likely to be very beloved.)

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