The top eight teams are unchanged in the second group of classifications

There hasn’t been much movement at the top of the second College Football Playoff rankings.

With all five undefeated Power Five teams recording wins in Week 10, the top five finishes remain unchanged. Ohio State retained first place over Georgia, Michigan, Florida State and Washington.

Overall, the top eight are unchanged. Oregon remains the best team to lose once at No. 6, ahead of Texas and Alabama. Ole Miss moved up to ninth, and Penn State jumped to 10th.

Ole Miss and Penn State were jumped by Oklahoma’s loss to Oklahoma State. The Sooners fell to 17th and are now two spots behind the Cowboys at 15th.

LSU dropped from 14th to 19th after losing to Alabama, and Notre Dame dropped from 15th to 20th after losing on the road to Clemson.

Georgia and Alabama are unmoved after ranked wins

Georgia beat No. 12 Missouri in Week 10 and, like Alabama, remains in the same place. The committee was clearly convinced enough by Ohio State’s strong second half in its win over Rutgers to keep the Buckeyes ahead.

Alabama had nowhere to go either. Texas beat Alabama in September. Although the Longhorns needed overtime to stave off a Kansas State comeback, it’s hard to justify Alabama jumping over Texas with this head-to-head victory.

Georgia and Alabama did not move up in the CFP standings this week. (Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) (Sportswire Icon via Getty Images)

The most important confrontations in Week 11

There are two top-10 matchups in Week 11, with No. 2 Georgia hosting No. 9 Ole Miss and No. 3 Michigan visiting No. 10 Penn State. With the losses, Ole Miss and injured Penn State saw their playoff hopes diminish.

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No. 13 Tennessee visits No. 14 Missouri in a game that could go a long way to deciding sixth place in the new year. No. 5 Washington also gets a test in a visit from No. 18 Utah, and No. 6 Oregon State hosts a USC team that fell out of the seed after losing to the Huskies in Week 10.

College football playoff rankings

1. Ohio State (9-0)

2. Georgia (9-0)

3. Michigan (9-0)

4. Florida State (9-0)

5. Washington (9-0)

6. Oregon (8-1)

7. Texas (8-1)

8. Alabama (8-1)

9. Ole Miss (8-1)

10. Penn State (8-1)

11. Louisville (8-1)

12. Oregon State (7-2)

13. Tennessee (7-2)

14. Missouri (7-2)

15. Oklahoma State (7-2)

16. Kansas (7-2)

17. Oklahoma (7-2)

18. Utah (7-2)

19. LSU (6-3)

20. Notre Dame (7-3)

21. Arizona (6-3)

22. Iowa (7-2)

23. Tulane (8-1)

24. North Carolina (7-2)

25. Kansas State (6-3)

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