The Tigers give the duo victory in a hilarious bad game

The worst games in baseball happen every day. But bad dramas like this don’t happen everyday.

Tuesday night, the Detroit Tigers Handed over Minnesota Twins A walking hit in the most ugly and most spectacular way possible: Totally out of play.

We will set the stage. It ranks ninth on Target Field and the Tigers have advanced 4-3, but the doubles threaten runners in first and second and only one out. Miguel Sano, who will play in Tuesday night’s .083, is on the plate. He has two balls and two strikes. Then the magic happens: after the Tigers pitcher Gregory Choto delivers his next pitch, every Detroit player forgets how to play baseball, and all hell is loose.

Here is the breakdown of that hilarious bad play chronologically:

  1. Sano scored a sharp single on the right.

  2. Perfect fielder Robbie Grossman Jack does to catch the ball, which appears to bounce off the top of his glove before it rolls. Grossman chases the ball, catches it in the net and throws it to the second paceman. Jonathan Scoop.

  3. There is only a second before the scoop ball is thrown to the catcher Eric Haas.

  4. At this point, no doubles score, but the basics are full. When the ball bounces off Haas, Sano makes a big mistake: he jumps past the first floor, knocking down second-ranked player Geo Urshela to third.

  5. As Urshela ran towards the third, the occupant of the third floor, Trevor Larnach, was detained there, and he realized that he had not progressed. So even though Urshela is almost on the third floor, he starts to turn back to the second, while Sano runs towards the first.

  6. Haas throws the ball to the third baseman and starts running up to the third base line Jaimer Candelario And catch Urshela in the settlement. But Haas’s throw goes Way Over the head of Candelario.

  7. The ball goes untouched on the left field grass where there is no fielder within at least 50 feet. Scoop, who was ready to catch Candelario’s throw, rushed towards the ball, but it was too late. Larnach scores to level the game, then Urshela fails with a belly slide and scores the winning run. The Tigers are losing.

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The play shows how baseball can be amazing and at the same time cruel. Sano thought he could catch second only because he could not catch the ball that Grossman scored. And Urshela was the only one to get home because he had to go back after running almost all the way to the third floor, which attracted Haas’ high and unattainable throw, which allowed him to roll the ball for miles without fielders. Time to get the score.

Bad plays are an integral part of the game, including the amazing chaos performed by the Tigers. They are a thread in the famous tapestry of baseball fans – an ugly, gross, misleading thread. Love Have to deal with. They may inspire some fans to arrange rotten vegetables for players in the medieval style, but they bring joy to many.

Apr 26, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Minnesota Twins third-pace Geo Urshela (15) went home with a game-winning run as the team celebrated after a mistake by the Detroit Tigers catcher Eric Haas (13) during the ninth inning at Target Field. Compulsory Credit: Nick Wozniacki-USA Today Sports

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