The three zodiac signs with the raw horoscopes on September 29, 2022

Again, three zodiac signs are assigned to the approximate zodiac. And on September 29, 2022, despite our efforts to think otherwise, we will be responsible for causing the damage today.

Today is here to cause feelings of stubbornness and intolerance.

Essentially, we will feel the harshest negative feelings about ourselves, and because this is always the last place we look for problems, it may take a while before we realize that we are “the problem” and not “they”. “

This is what happens to the human psyche when it is under the influence of Pluto’s Sexili Moon.

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We are also transiting to Venus opposite Uranus, which makes us feel as though we should blame all our problems on our romantic partner, which is very unfair, yet to be expected today.

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Oh yeah, we’ll be called out on that, and told where we can push that idea, but we’re not going to stop anytime soon, because kicking with the day is all about how we don’t take responsibility for our actions.

The day is dedicated to us not seeing how wrong we really are.

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