The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes for the week of December 18 – 24, 2022

Because we start the week of December 18-24, 2022 with a ScorpioWe already feel like our taste is a little better than we might like. After joining Moon square Pluto, this transit takes us a step further in the tension it promises this week.

We have many transits in opposition, which could be the cause of a lot of frustration this week. We will feel the uncomfortable feeling that we are letting something go.

While this may not sound very overwhelming, imagine having that feeling every single day.

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This week delivers FOMO at a high level. Fear of missing out is the thing that drives people crazy. And this week we’re looking at how we imagine everyone is having a good time while we’re here in the kennel, wondering what happened.

We expect to be eliminated this week when we are invited. Nobody slams the door in our face during this time, and yet we get closer every day, somewhat paranoid and wondering why we’re the odd one out. (Hint: We’re not. It’s all in the cards, thanks to the manipulative major crossover out there.)

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Because of the Moon opposite Mars, choosing someone younger than us is the only way to mitigate our frustrations. we Scary and nervous Half the time, and that nervous energy has to go somewhere, but we can’t seem to focus enough to channel that energy into something creative or positive. It’s also a week filled with jealousy, and for some zodiac signs, fear of missing out will feel more like envy.

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