The Texas power grid is facing limited power supplies for the third day in a row

Groups of screens in the offices and walls of the Electricity Reliability Board of Texas, or ERCOT, control room. The grid operator says it is not worried about the recent retirements of coal plants.

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The update is on Saturday, August 26th: Erkut He asks for help conserving energy On Saturday August 26th, it is currently expected that demand will roughly exceed supply in the evening if usage continues in its current direction. Council requests from Texas Energy conservation From 3 to 9 pm

At the time of this writing, it was ERCOT Control Panel Outlook This demand will be on the order of approximately 200 megawatts of available power supplies around 7:30 p.m. ERCOT reports that operating reserves are expected to be low in the afternoon and evening due to “lower wind capacity, potentially lower solar power generation, and higher demand.”

The original article: The Texas Electrical Dependability Board is asking Texans to conserve energy use for the second day in a row as demand on the Texas power grid threatens to outpace supply on Friday, August 25. The state power grid authority also issued a weather watch warning through Sunday, August 27.


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Irkut he said in a statement The power grid avoided emergency operations Thursday, August 24 “due to environmental conservation by Texans and businesses, rain in the Houston area, increased winds, and additional reliability tools.”

CBS Energy The news was repeated on social mediaHe cited continued low wind power generation and high demand as the main reason for limited operating reserves. State and local officials are asking Texans to conserve as much electricity as possible between the hours of 3 and 9 p.m. San Antonio power utilities have indicated that periodic outages will begin without warning should ERCOT issue an emergency power alert.

The city of San Antonio held a press conference Thursday to urge residents to be prepared in the event of frequent power outages. CPS recommends that residents stay calm, find an alternative energy source, know your medical needs, unplug appliances, and keep freezers and refrigerators closed.

“I want to be very clear, this is a statewide issue and not a result of generation issues with CPS Energy,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “Power demand throughout the state of Texas is outpacing the state’s generation capacity. In load shedding events, all ERCOT members participate in constant outages.


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Irkut weather watch

ERCOT issues Weather Watch warnings three to five days in advance with high demand and “significant” weather in the forecast.

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