The Supreme Court has ordered Trump’s tax returns to be handed over to House Democrats

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the Chief Minister’s handover President Trump Tax reports to the House Ways and Means Committee.

Last month, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a temporary injunction Blocking the former president Democrats on the committee must turn over their tax records.

Trump and his legal team filed a petition with the Supreme Court to block the release of his tax records.

Donald Trump’s request to keep Congressional tax cuts rejected by an appeals court

Former President Donald Trump answers questions from reporters during an election dinner party at Mar-a-Lago on November 8, 2022 in Palm Beach, Florida.
(Phelan M. Ebenhock for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

But on Tuesday, Roberts formally denied the claim.

“The application for stay of order submitted to the Chief Justice and the petition sent by him to the court is rejected,” the order said. “The order already passed by the Chief Justice is set aside.”

The House Ways and Means Committee It first requested six years of Trump’s tax returns in 2019.

Supreme Court grants a stay, temporary ban on Democrats releasing Trump’s tax records

Trump’s tax records are currently in the hands of the Treasury Department, which has blocked their release pending final court action.

Supreme Court of the United States

Supreme Court of the United States
(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

The Trump administration has refused to turn over six years of tax records, but the Biden Justice Department reversed that position in 2021, saying Congress could review the records, which Trump and his legal team have appealed in the current legal battle. Lower courts sided with the House committee.

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Biden says Trump’s tax return could be turned over to Congress

The Trump administration has refused to turn over six years of tax records.

The Trump administration has refused to turn over six years of tax records.
(Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

At this point, it’s unclear when the tax records will be turned over, or what the Democratic-controlled committee will do with them now that Republicans are poised to seize the House majority.

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Trump announced his 2024 presidential campaign last week.

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