The Super Mario RPG director was “very surprised” by the Switch Remake announcement

Photo: Damien McFerran/Nintendo Live

Arguably the biggest surprise of the latest Nintendo Direct was the announcement of Super Mario RPG for Switch. It’s a remake of the 1996 Square RPG with updated 3D graphics and cinematics.

As excited as fans were, another person who was equally surprised by the announcement was Chihiro Fujioka – one of the original directors of this classic. In a short dialogue with a fan on social media, Fujioka revealed that he was not involved with this updated version, adding that he was “very surprised” but also incredibly “delighted” with the announcement.

Chihiro Fujioka: Oh!

Fujioka also mentioned how he was “looking forward” to the game’s November 17 release, so maybe he’d check it out himself.

In an interview this past February, Fujioka had already talked about his desire to follow up on the Super Mario RPG and possibly make it his last game. that’s what he said (Via MinnMax YouTube channel):

Chihiro Fujioka: “Yeah, I would absolutely love to make one… yeah, so in my career I’ve been in a lot of games and I’d really like the last one to be another Mario RPG, if possible…”

You can read more about Fujioka’s idea for another game in our previous story. Aside from Super Mario RPG, Fujioka became the president of AlphaDream – best known during his years working for the Mario and Luigi series.

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