The Steelers hired Brian Flores as an assistant in the middle of his NFL case

The Giants said Flores ‘claims were “disturbing and simply false” and said they had “conclusive and objective evidence” that the team’s decision had not been made until the day after Flores’ interview.

Flores also said in his case that he sat down for a fake interview with the Broncos in 2019, saying that the Broncos’ statement was “blatantly wrong.” Also, Stephen Rose, the owner of Dolphins, is accused of pressuring people to lose games in order to gain more draft selection in the 2019 season and paying $ 100,000 for each loss. Rose called his claims “false, malicious and slanderous.”

Four days after the League’s initial statement that Flores’ case was ineligible, Commissioner Roger Coodell sent a note to all 32 committees promising not to wait for a solution to the case to re-evaluate and re-evaluate its principles of diversity, equality and inclusion. Koodle said the NFL would review Floris’ claims that Ross had lost the games “completely and independently”.

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The NFL, 60 percent of players in the league are black, and currently has three black head coaches: Tomlin, Dolphins’ Mike McDonnell, multi-ethnic and Lowe Smith of Texans. Of the NFL Rooney rule, Groups set up in 2003 to interview non-white and / or female candidates for leadership and senior management positions, named after Don Rooney, the founder of the Steelers company and its own family. Flores wrote in his case that this arrangement may be well-intentioned, “it is clear that Rooney’s rule did not apply.”

Flores played as a linebacker and defender at Boston College, and one of the roles he played during his 11-year tenure with the New England Patriots was to train linebackers, while at the same time he rose to become a defensive game caller.

In Pittsburgh, he will replace Keith Butler as the team’s defensive coordinator with Daryl Austin earlier this month. Austin was one of the Black coaches mentioned in his case.

Earlier this month, Austin’s agent Eric Mets said Associated Press Austin was given a fake interview with the Lions in 2018, when the team tried to fill in its head coach start to satisfy Rooney’s fate, which eventually went to Matt Patricia.

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