The Starfield release date is still the first half of 2023, despite a conspicuous absence in the Xbox offering.

Let’s just cut to the chase. he starfield delay?

officially no. And to be fair to Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios, they’ve already told us we won’t be hearing anything from Todd Howard’s next epic role-playing game during Developer Direct on Wednesday. There will be a standalone show of starfield at some point. There’s still one hell of an elephant not in the room, especially if two of the four toys are being shown – Redfall And The elder scrolls online‘s nichrome Expansion – are Bethesda’s big projects that are launched in May and June, respectively. It doesn’t seem likely that Bethesda would want to dismantle interest in these projects (or starfield) through that game’s bundles in the May or June release window.

Recall that during the Xbox and Bethesda show last June, Microsoft more or less wrote an IOU to fans, promising that starfield It will be among a large catalog of highly anticipated games that will be released in the first half of 2023 (and, as first-party games, will be available on the same day to Xbox Game Pass subscribers).

The updates we got from Xbox and Bethesda on Wednesday show that the first half of Microsoft’s 2023 gaming calendar now looks like this:

  • April 18th Minecraft Legends
  • May 2 – Redfall
  • June 20 The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom
  • TBD 2023 – Forza Motorsport

Unless Xbox users have a sudden shadow drop, a la Tango Gameworks Hi Fay Rushplanning for starfield – As unwise as it may sound – the launch of this sci-fi RPG is starting to feel slippery. (as it is Forza‘s; Microsoft and Turn 10 seem unwilling to recommit to the first half of 2023 on their racing game.)

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The latest information about starfieldLaunched this past May, Bethesda told fans it was Pushed into the first half of the 2023 launch window (With Redfall.) Microsoft, during its E3 adjoining Summer Show last year, did a great job of telling fans all the things they want to play. arrive by the first half 2023. starfield It was implied to be one of those things.

In November, Howard, creative director of Bethesda Game Studios, spoke with podcaster Lex Fridman about starfield and the difficult decision to hold the game back the first time around, from its November 2022 launch to the now much softer and less obvious window.

“I wish it was soon” Howard said. “We want it too. And I wish they didn’t take as long as they did. But they do.”

We asked Xbox and Bethesda representatives if starfield It should be considered late. It’s doubtful they’ll want to comment on that, but if they do, we’ll be sure to update here.

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