The Pixel Watch 2 introduces some new watch faces [Gallery]

Google launches Pixel Watch 2 With support for Wear OS 4, in addition to many new watch faces. Here’s what’s new.

Bold digital

Pictured above, Digital Bold is a watch face that matches one of the new lock screen styles found in Android 14 on Pixel phones. The face has a very simple design and can be used in several different color options. It can also use the “Just Time” layout. or You can switch it to enable up to three multipliers on the side.


The Adventure watch face is one of Google’s new, more information-dense designs. It displays the time with analogue hands and has day of the week and date readouts, as well as apertures for four complications. The face can also be edited to use a digital watch or to add “arcs” that appear along the radius of the screen, with four additional complication openings to display more information.

Analog braces

Next on the list is Analog Arcs, which is similar to Adventure, but displays arc complications by default. It defaults to four brackets, but you can also adjust it to show only the larger brackets, or switch to a “smaller” layout with a simpler layout. Like anything else, it comes in a variety of colors too.

wide range

Google offers a very simple watch face that is widely glanceable. This option has a large digital clock and large individual complications. Face variants can move the complications to the side, or remove them entirely, and there are again many color options. The default complexity is heart rate, but almost anything will work in this slot.

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The analogue, “rotate” face has the date inscribed along the minute and hour hands and has a second hand that shows the number of each point on the clock as it passes. It’s a fun little design, but it’s not very flexible. There is no support for complications, and the only options are to turn off the indicators around the sides, as well as change the color. Still, it’s a great look.

The rest of the faces from the Pixel Watch are still pretty much available in Part 2, and we’re done with that Supposedly These options will come to the original version when Google releases a Wear OS 4 update sometime in the next month or two.

Pixel Watch 2 will be released on October 12 With pre-orders open now.

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