The new Quick Share feature is rolling out to all Samsung phones and tablets!

Last updated: 1 February 2024 at 15:26 UTC+01:00

Earlier this month, Google and Samsung revealed that they had merged their wireless file sharing systems into a single entity. Google's Nearby Share feature has been integrated with Samsung's Quick Share feature, and the feature debuted on the Galaxy S24 series. Now, this new version of Quick Share is rolling out to other Galaxy smartphones and tablets.

The new Quick Share feature is rolling out to Galaxy smartphones and tablets

Samsung has released the updated Quick Share feature by updating three apps on the Galaxy Store: Quick Share, Quick Share Agent, and Quick Share Connectivity. Quick Share is now available at version, and the update download size is 24.5MB. The new Quick Share Agent is version and has a small update size of around 3.70MB. Quick Share Connectivity is now at version, and its download size is just 1.72MB. You can download these updates from the Galaxy Store on your Galaxy smartphone and tablet.

Once these three apps are updated, which should be available for all Galaxy phones running One UI 6.0 (or possibly earlier), you'll see the new Quick Share icon in the Share menu. The Nearby Share feature is still visible in the Share sheet, but will be removed after Google releases the new GMS update sometime in the first half of this month. All non-Samsung smartphones will get the Quick Share feature this month, and it will replace the Nearby Share feature.

The new Quick Share feature displays nearby compatible devices directly in the sharing list even before you tap the Quick Share icon. As you can see in the screenshots above, the Galaxy S24+ appears directly in the sharing list, alongside other regularly used apps, people, and services. When you tap the quick share icon, a full-screen menu appears showing more options, including the option to share using a QR code. You can also share files wirelessly with people in your contacts list. It creates a link where others can download the files you shared with them. However, this limit is up to 5GB per share. Earlier, this limit was 3GB, so this is an improvement over the previous version of Quick Share.

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New Quick Share Update 2024 QR Code

Quick Share and Nearby Share for Windows will be combined in Q3 2024

With the new Quick Share feature, you can share files wirelessly with all Android smartphones, tablets and TVs. This wireless file sharing system works with all Chrome OS computers and laptops as well. As announced by Samsung It will work with Google to integrate Quick Share and Nearby Share applications for Windows before the end of the third quarter of this year. Quick Share for Windows already features the newer icon.

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