The Modern Warfare 3 beta is already plagued by cheaters despite PlayStation exclusivity

published: 2023-10-08T19:30:20

Updated: 2023-10-08T19:30:34

After just a few hours, the Modern Warfare 3 PS4 open beta has been filled with cheaters.

Modern Warfare 3 is in the middle of an open beta exclusive to PlayStation players. The demo covers a lot of ground, showing fans what’s coming next in the popular Call of Duty franchise.

There are a lot of new features, such as heightened Battle Rage, in the beta. On the contrary, a lot of returning features and maps are returning, making MW3 look promising.

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However, there is one feature that was not enjoyable and that is the cheaters. The latest wave of players has made it into the beta and spoiled the experience for many.

Cheaters struggling with the Modern Warfare 3 open beta

The first weekend of the MW3 beta began on October 6 for players who pre-ordered Modern Warfare 3, and opened to players who did not pre-order on October 8. This initial beta is only available to PlayStation players, which makes it even more puzzling that hackers are already a problem.

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Hours after the gates opened to players who had not pre-ordered, Pins Cheaters who ruin other people’s experience have emerged. PS4 players with jailbroken consoles are the prime suspects.

Players were quick to comment on this blatant cheating, with the top comments reflecting PC players’ poor reputation for cheating.

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“COD players blamed cross-play on PC for cheating. PS it was the problem all along” One Twitter user responded.

Another player Comment In defense of PlayStation players “No for Warzone and ranked play, it’s only for PC players, this is the first time I’ve seen the PS4 do something.”

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Regardless of which platform cheats the most, cheating in Call of Duty has been an issue for some time. In an attempt to counteract this, Activision launched its own anti-cheat software, Ricochet, last year.

However, it seems that the system is not perfect as we saw above. Hackers have been an annoying problem for CoD developers over the past few years, and it seems as if these perverts won’t stop anytime soon. Even if they have to modify the controller to do so.

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