The ‘Little Mermaid’ director says Disney needs to change and put vigilance second

Director of the film “The Little Mermaid”.

Disney values ​​message above the story…

Needs a “course correction”

Disney has gone to extremes with its woke messaging and needs to focus on the core elements of the story, says the director of several Mouse House classics.

John Musker — who directed the animated versions of “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin” and “Moana” — criticized the content giant during an interview with El Pais … I’m basically saying that Disney has gone above and beyond in getting their message across.

“I think they need to do a bit of a course correction in terms of putting the message on the back burner, behind entertainment, a compelling story and compelling characters,” says JM.

To be fair, Musker doesn’t mention the film industry has woken up by name… but, read between the lines and you can see that he believes his former employer has set his priorities back.

He’s even calling out the latest adaptation of “The Little Mermaid”… telling EP he thinks the remake lost something when they downplayed the father-daughter dynamic — while criticizing the CGI Sebastian the Crab.

John directed “The Princess and the Frog” BTW…he made it clear that he’s not saying diversity isn’t important in animation – just that creators shouldn’t sacrifice a quality script to tick a few boxes.

As for the new live-action Moana movie… Musker says he has nothing to do with the movie — but he hopes it ends well.

Bottom line… Disney’s messaging doesn’t sit well with some people – including former collaborators!

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