The legendary splits from Warner Bros. , will now work with Sony

One room full of trash in Legendary HQ

One room full of trash in Legendary HQ
picture: Robin Beck/AFP (Getty Images)

Warner Bros. The decision to release the entire 2021 movie slate on HBO Max the same day they hit theaters was one of the best things that happened that year (first COVID vaccines are a close second), but that may only be the case for regular people who really want to. see, for example, Mortal Kombat But you weren’t necessarily willing to risk going out into a COVID-stricken public just to see, for example, Mortal Kombat. Actually, that was the deal severely Frustrating to a lot of people in Hollywood who have established relationships with Warner Bros. So much so, that it paid Christopher Nolan — one of the only filmmakers to ever get a real blank check from the WB —In the arms of the awaited Universal. Now, after a lot He immediately expresses his frustration with the dealLegendary Entertainment also dropped Warner Bros. Entertainment. To get a new distribution partner.

according to diverseLegendary, is now collaborating with Sony Picture to release its films, explaining in a press release that it and Sony share an “ongoing commitment to theatrical distribution as a driver of other ‘definitive’ windows and the long-term theatrical window value of films.” Mad about the HBO Max thing, so we’re dumping Warner Bros. for Sony.”

In 2021, legendary films set by Warner Bros. on HBO Max are included (after WB gave the studio a full 30 minutes of notice) Godzilla vs. Kong And the Dune, which are two Warner Bros. Best results that year – even with the streaming version. Interestingly, diverse He says this new Legendary/Sony deal does not affect the “selection of existing projects” between Legendary and Warner Bros. , including Dune: Part Twobut it seems somewhat unlikely that we’ll get much Dune a sequel beyond that (not to mention the future of the Kong/Godzilla Monsterverse, which now looks a bit shaky).

And now, with both Nolan and Legendary leaving Warner Bros. There were two seemingly important relationships that were burned to the ground in order to bolster the streaming service provided by the current leadership of what is now Warner Bros. Television. Discovery Can’t give a little shit about it. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face, except you also cut off your ears and also plan to eventually get rid of the entire face as a tax break.

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