The latest PS5 update finally adds game folders

A black PS5 DualSense dangles in front of an interstellar backdrop.

Picture: Sony

Gamers who love to organize, rejoice: you can finally sort your PS5 games into dedicated folders. The new feature is part of that Latest firmware update And comes with support for 1440p resolution and some minor quality-of-life enhancements.

A new system software update for the PS5 went live earlier today, and adds features revealed in beta testing earlier in the summer. Now the experiment is over and everyone is enjoying them.

Here are all the highlights From the PlayStation Blog:

  • 1440p HDMI video output TVs and monitors that support it
  • Folders, or as Sony calls them, “gamelists”
  • Search YouTube using voice commands
  • Enable Remote Play directly through the PS app
  • Option to send sharing requests to friends
  • Notifications to join friends’ games from party chat

A screenshot of the PS5 game library shows a new gamelist dedicated to Call of Duty.

Screenshot: Sony / Kotaku

That last one is bigger than it seems. Almost 90 percent of the time when I join someone in a party chat I just play with them. fate, Rocket League, or something else, and streamlining that process would be a nice addition. And, for the small but dedicated group of people who play their PS5 on 1440p gaming monitors, it’s nice that they can finally take full advantage of the system.

But really, I’m here to celebrate folders. It took three years for the PS4 to finally get them, and then I was finally able to organize my growing backlog into something that felt meaningful and accessible. So I was surprised and a bit overwhelmed The PS5 was released without themAlthough backwards compatibility has exponentially increased the size of my output library, it has put me back on top.

No more! Now if only Sony could figure out a way to build my PS5 Don’t yell at me For failing to properly power down the computer every time it crashes or disconnects.

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