The last years of the supermoon will take place on August 11, 2022

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August 11, 2022, is the last change to look at the super years. This will be the third and final supermoon of the year.

According to Life Savvy, The moon’s peak is scheduled to occur at 9:36 p.m. ET and will rise throughout the night.

Another name for the giant moon is Sturgeon Moon, which is named after the sturgeon caught during this time of year.

The whole strawberry supermoon was seen in amazing detail

according to NASA, a giant moon “It occurs when the moon’s orbit is as close as possible to the Earth at the same time as the moon is full.”

The moon will appear brighter than usual during the past supermoon years.
(AP Photo/Michael Sohn, file)

So what would that look like for us on Earth? The moon on August 11 will be a little brighter than it is on a normal day.

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Although this is the last supermoon of the year, there are also some other sightings that can be captured in August. Travel + Leisure Reports indicate that from August 11 to 12, it was Perseids meteor shower It will happen, but there will also be a full moon on that day, which can make it difficult to see the falling stars.

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On August 14 Saturn will reach opposition Which makes it brighter than it normally is. Then, at the end of the month, NASA will likely launch Artemis 1 on August 29.

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