The Jets would not be “cooperating” like the Lions or other teams that were using hard knocks

For the first time in 18 installments of the pre-season Blows hard, the team that serves as the subject of the show does not want to be. This dynamic will have an impact on production.

Via, ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently explained that the planes are going to be more difficult than Blows hard Usually the team.

“Planes You will not provide the level of cooperation made by the Lions last year or made by other teams in other years,” Schefter said.

We’ve suggested that NFL Films and HBO should fully heed the Jets’ reluctance, including within the show’s footage of meetings between producers and the Jets regarding access limits and other pressure points.

Shifter said something else about the 2023 show that, frankly, shows he wasn’t much to watch. Blows hard In the last years.

Blows hard It’s not going to be the same because they’re not going to get the same access,” Schefter said. “The Jets don’t think it’s humane to show players a release.”

More than a few years have passed since then Blows hard It included screenshots of players who were released. (I think that’s accurate; I don’t watch much of it either.) So this year will be no different in that regard.

It will be different in other respects. Which might be enough to get me to watch it. for a change.

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