The head of DC Films will not be there

Comic book movie fans are going to San Diego Comic-Con this year I got another punch in the gut Director James Gunn also revealed on Instagram that he will not be attending the conference.

Which, if it were almost any other filmmaker in the entire world, wouldn’t be such a big deal. But James Gunn Not just another filmmaker. He’s the co-chairman of DC Films, first and foremost, which means he gets his hands on everything DC comes to screens big and small. In addition, Gunn is also a writer and director Superman: Legacythe upcoming mega reboot that Recently cast two leads. Sure, that won’t be published until 2025, but a brief mention in Irregularities was definitely a possibility if Gunn was going to be there. now, Although, it appears that while Gunn won’t be around in 2023, he plans to be there in 2024, which confirms we’ll be getting a bunch of Superman and DC after that.

Gunn on Instagram.

Gunn on Instagram.
screenshot: Instagram

Gunn saying it won’t come in 2023 doesn’t necessarily mean anything beyond that. Only that he himself will not be there. DC itself It will have a huge presence there For cartoons, comics, and more. DC Films can potentially still present, Warner Bros. can also. , and both have solid and exciting projects coming up in the next several months that Comic-Con attendees will definitely want to know more about. movies like Blue Beetle, Dune: Part Two, Wonka, And Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. io9 has reached out to Warner Bros. to elaborate on their Comic-Con plans but have not heard back as of publication.

collider First to post Gunn’s news, which comes several weeks later From major studios like Marvel And Sony revealed that they will not be at the annual conference. The main reason, of course, is the persistent writers’ Strike and potential actors’ strike, which has It put all of the upcoming projects in flux and made it hard to get stars to attend the event. However, Jean has represented this rare hybrid where, Yes, he’s a writer and (sometimes) actor. But he is primarily a manager and now also an executive. If anyone could show up and steal the entire show it’s him. But it seems that this will not happen.

What will happen at Comic-Con this year? We honestly don’t know but io9 will be there to tell you all about it. Keep it locked here for more info.

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