The Google TV iOS app plays as another hub for your streaming services

The Google TV app, which collects content recommendations from several streaming services and lets you create a global watchlist of your favourites, is now available on iOS. Google says it will replace the former Google Play Movies and TV App It’s in the App Store, so if you’ve already installed this app, you should be able to update it to your Google TV experience sometime today.

The program, which is already available on Android, allows you to rate what you have previously watched to improve future recommendations. The most important thing for Android TV or Chromecast with Google TV owners is that you can use the Google TV app as a remote for those devices by clicking on the remote control icon.

Not every major streaming service allows its content to be included in the ranks of aggregated recordings on Google TV: Netflix is ​​the biggest site. The company pulled out of the Google TV integration very soon after the release of Chromecast 2020, and Google hasn’t been able to bring Netflix back into the fold since then.

Aside from its entertainment carousels, the Google TV app will also have your library of Google rentals and purchases. (If you’ve set up Movies Anywhere, this is another way to stream this content.) It’s all accessible from the Your Stuff tab. Google says the “Featured” tab keeps you “updated with daily customized news, reviews, and more about the entertainment you love.”

Google TV continues to be one of my favorite interfaces for browsing what’s available across the services you subscribe to. Recently, Google added individual user profiles To experiment, let everyone in your home make their own personal and home screen choices. The company also hinted at this It has fitness features in the works for her TV platform.

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