The Google Pixel Watch leaked after being dropped off at a restaurant

Google's top secret pixel watch 'Leaks' after being dropped off at a restaurant

Before leaving a restaurant, Google employees should remind someone to check their pockets.

Leaked new images and information Shared With Android Central Appearance as an early version of Google by an anonymous source has not yet been released Pixel Watch. The watch seems to have been dropped off at an American restaurant For weeks.

Pictures show what appears to be a circular watch face and a device with two buttons around the rotating physics crown. A small precision hole can be used as a microphone or sensor, seated between the crown and one of the buttons. Meanwhile the bottom of the device will look like more sensors. Leaked Claims The device “looks like metal, but it feels like it’s coated with glass.”

In terms of dimensions, a rectifier goes through the tagtech414 handle Says that Leakage Talking to Android Central, Says The device is approximately 0.5 Inches Thick and 1.5 Inches Diameter, and the size of the Galaxy Watch 46 mm. D.Posted by agtech414 Picture In an attempt to verify the identity of the person who shared the pictures Android Central.

Although there is no way to confidently guess the actual price point by the pictures provided, the device does not feel cheap. In his Reddit post, supposedly Liquor said the device is in the style of the Apple Watch It feels premium. In addition to the device, pictures are also displayed A blue watchThe strap is reminiscent of Apple Watch’s athletic pads. Overall, the leaked images fit Before The given pictures were leaked.

Anyone looking for more details on the Things software page should wait, Although. Will be said Liquor claims to have tried to turn on the device and could not pass this gray Google icon below. Android Central This means that the device in question does not actually have an operating system. Charger not left with device, But Android Central Specifies that the device can be charged like the Apple Watch.

Google's top secret pixel watch 'Leaks' after being dropped off at a restaurant

Google did not immediately respond to Kismoto’s request for comment on the device’s reliability, although this is not the first time a Big Tech employee has dropped a major prototype hardware. In 2010, Kismodo Found The unreleased iPhone 4 was dropped off at a bar in Redwood City. There is also a zero-sum opportunity that Google intends to go into the woods as a kind of device. Marketing stunt.

The leaked person revealed some more interesting details about how he came to get the device on his Reddit Ask me anything Mail. In his post, tagtech414 He said the device was first invented by a friend who works as a bartender in a restaurant. It is said to be a restaurant Holds on device for several weeks, Its owner is expected to return but apparently they never did. Tagtech414 says dHe was the strap of the device, photographed separately from the device Compiled separately from the device. Perhaps most importantly, he He tried to reassure readers that he was not the secret Google employee trying to update the Google Pixel Hype Train.

“No, I do not work for Google or any of its subsidiaries, and no one paid me to do this,” the Reddit user wrote. “Google, if you read this … I have a wedding and a huge guest list. Feel free to listen to what people have to say and leave some of that writing on me 🙂 ”

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